It's time to start attracting the RIGHT followers on Instagram

You know, the ones that are obsessed with your content, engage with all of your posts and are desperate to work with you? This course is for ambitious entrepreneurs who are tired of hustling hard and seeing no results. Your authentic Instagram growth strategy is here!

Girl, you gotta start showing up

because if people can't find you... they can't hire you!

You CAN have the business and lifestyle of your dreams.

It is totally possible for you. There are over 26 million Instagram users worldwide. Which means there is a HUGE opportunity for your business to reach your ideal customers. 

However, if you want more engagement, inquiries and sales, you've got to STAND OUT from the crowd. 

You were made for more than staying small, hustling hard and feeling totally overwhelmed by all the strategies. 

Discover the secret to selling out your courses, generating major profit and living out your #girlboss dreams.   

Does this sound familiar?

  • Content creation feels like HARD work. You wish you had a magic formula for getting it right everytime.

  • You keep gaining more followers but it isn't leading to more sales. You are ready for an easier way to attract and convert your dream customers. - one that doesn't require a huge budget.

  • You are tired of putting so much work into your Instagram content but not growing. You want more engagement and more sales and you've waited long enough!

The shortcut to building an ENGAGED audience.



"I needed help to create a social media strategy that converts and I was feeling overwhelmed by everything to the point that I shut down and didn't post at all. I loved how clear you were about things, and the way you explained things just clicked with me. It provided much needed clarity for me in regards to my digital marketing efforts. I've really enjoyed working, learning, and growing together! You've been a major help to me and I can't thank you enough!"

Imagine how incredible it’s gonna feel when...

You are no longer chasing the dream, but living it! 

You get to spend your days doing work that you love and working with your dream clients. 

Your Instagram content feels effortless. Posts are planned ahead of time and published without you lifting a finger. Your audience LOVES your content, your account is growing on autopilot and your DMs are filling up with people begging to work with you. 

Not only that, but you also have more time for the things you love. You have more flexibility, more fun and more money. You get to go away on more holidays, you can afford those new boots, and you wake up every day feeling like the confident, goal-crushing businesswoman that you ARE.

It’s not your fault you don’t have this yet.

There were 3 things working against you:

  • You were focusing a little too much on gaining followers. But all followers aren't equal. You need to attract more of the right followers.

  • You were caught up in finding that perfect Instagram aesthetic, hoping that would grow your account and impact. You need to focus on perfecting your content and messaging.

  • You were trying all the strategies without a plan or process for working out which ones did and didn't work for you.

I get it, I’ve been there too.

I used to struggle with my Instagram just like you. I kept losing and gaining followers. I had no idea what was and wasn't working. And I felt so freaking overwhelmed by all the conflicting advice. But then I came to understand that they key to great marketing is putting your audience at the centre. Once I realised that our customers are the hero of the story, it changed the way I created content for myself and for my clients. We started seeing RESULTS. Engagement went up, we got more questions in the DMs, sales improved and courses sold out. We started making more of an impact and an income online and we were finally able to run the businesses of our dreams from the comfort of our own homes. Dreamers, this can be your story too!

The go-to course for entrepreneurs

who want to grow their impact and income using Instagram.

Yes I want to work with more dream clients!

Here’s why this course is different to anything else out there:

This course is not a quick fix! I'm not here to teach you how to grow your following fast, because I believe in authentic, sustainable growth. 

I believe in building genuine relationships. So this course teaches sales and marketing in a way that feels honest, natural and easy.

I believe in prioritising yourself as the CEO of your biz. So this course will teach you to put yourself and your needs first so that you can show up fully in your business.

I believe in teaching you the skills you need to manage your Instagram on your own. So this course teaches you marketing strategies that are simple, effective and can be easily incoporated


"Before working with Megan I wasted a lot of time on my social media and that consisted of a Facebook page I was halfway running. Megan has been the best investment and all expectations were exceeded! I have so much more time to work on my business now. I love the way my page looks and everything is done, there is very little work or supervision needed on my end. My page has seen insane growth, and I am so impressed with how pretty it is."

Flash forward four weeks time.

Just imagine what’s gonna be possible for you when you learn how to attract more of your dream customers using Instagram...

  • You could be flipping BUSY trying to respond to all the DMs from potential customers.

  • You could be creating content with EASE and knocking it out of the park with all the comments, likes and engagement on your posts.

  • You could finally lose the overwhelm, frustration and exhaustion you feel with your current social media strategy.

  • You could be working with clients you ADORE and be making more money doing what you love.

  • You could finally stop winging it and actually have a plan in place that sets you up for success.

Here’s how we are gonna get there together:

  • 16 in-depth training videos

    You will learn how to cultivate that CEO-level confidence you need to show up and sell. As well as how to define who your dream clients are and shape your brand messaging around them. And you will also learn my simple content creation process.

  • 10 jam-packed resources

    Including workbooks, checklists, plug and play spreadsheets, prompts and guides which will help you to take what you have learned and put it into action right away.

  • Lifetime access

    If you join now then you will have access to this course for life. But the great news for you is, you get the discounted price and the opportunity to share your feedback with me. Whatever you need support with, I can create it for you.

Let's take a look inside...

  • Module One - Cultivating confidence to show up

    This module will teach you how to cultivate that CEO confidence you need to show up and sell on social media. We will work through your self limiting beliefs and set you up with a mindset for success.

  • Module Two - Creating a killer Instagram profile

    This module will teach you the dos and don'ts of Instagram profiles. Learn some simple changes you can make to explode your followers and reach more people.

  • Module Three - Attracting your dream customers

    This module will teach you how to understand your target audience and create a brand message that connects with them. Your marketing is about to get a massive reboot.

  • Module Four - Content creation + planning

    This module will teach you my simple content planning and creation process. Learn how to crank out loads of shareable, savable, valuable content that gets people excited about what you do!

And how about these EPIC bonuses

That will help you attract and convert followers so much faster...

  • A deep dive into Instagram metrics

    This game-changing bonus will teach you what metrics you should be tracking each month and how to use these to shape your content/marketing strategy. You'll get the tools you need to finally understand what content works well for your business.

  • Everything you need to know about hashtags

    Finally get some much-needed clarity around how to use hashtags to grow your business! Learn about the different kinds of hashtags and which are the best ones to use for your business.

  • Instagram stories for business

    It's time to start showing up on stories and this bonus module will make it simple. Learn about all the different features available and how to put them together to create brilliant, binge-worthy stories that will keep your audience coming back for more!

That’s like $1750 worth of incredible value in one sweet package. But Instagram Explained doesn’t cost that. Nope!

You can get all of that training for only $279.


"If you are a small business looking for compelling content and creative cut-through in I can highly recommend Megan. I hired her last year to create two campaigns and loved both of them from the outset, so they were published with not a single change. Easy to work with, Megan quickly grasped the needs of my natural body care business and worked fast and proactively to ensure my Xmas retail period really delivered sales. HIGHLY RECOMMEND."

Here’s why now is the perfect time for you to take this programme...

It will never be at this price again. This is the beta launch which means you are receiving a significant discount as well as having the opportunity to get in at the ground level. Anything you think you need more support with, I will create for you. You also get lifetime access to this programme so you will get all future updates without paying for them! Pretty sweet deal right?

You have nothing to lose!

But here's the thing, nothing changes if nothing changes.

If you want to create content effortlessly, to do more of the work you love and to finally have the biz of your dreams, then something has to change. It is time to invest in yourself to get the support and training you need to start attracting those dream clients. You can stay in the same place you've been in for months, trying to figure this all out on your own, or you can believe in yourself and your dreams enough to take this next step. It's up to you...

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